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Outsourcing and Internationalization

We internationalize your business with added value chains. We find new opportunities by doing intensive analysis and using data as a source of information for subsequent decision-making.

Premium Product Hunters

Looking for quality takes us to look beyond frontiers, our team will help your company to find suppliers according to the requirements and capacity you have

Is P&S International for your business?

Final Product manufacturers

Final Product manufacturers are a strategic client for P&S International for different reasons. First of all both Raw material and Intermediate good companies are options for partnerships. Moreover, they are companies that have mostly interaction with final customers and also perception of Sustainability is of great importance, meaning that in the long run, P&S may show how in the supply chain the companies that work with us will be outstanding in their relationship with the environment, economics and society. Commercial approach is the target, market and consumer analysis in terms of retail and data bases such as Euromonitor play a huge role.

Raw Material producers

Raw Material producers are opportunity customers for P&S taking into account that as commodities a price and distribution strategy wouldn’t be of interest if there is not enough capital, time or interest in adding value to products and have competitive advantages. Prices tend to be fixed and business for P&S will become that of a broker where income will come from commissions.


It is important to have these opportunity clients for different reasons. One of them is allowing the company to understand that with the extra money flow created by market expansion they can reinvest in adding value. This way P&S will develop a project for the client to make it enter in different markets by strengthening the current product or product portfolio.

Intermediate Goods

Intermediate Goods are used in value chains after being transformed into a good that may be used by a customer and be adapted to a final product. These kinds of companies are Business to Business (B2B) as Raw material producers. Intermediate Goods companies are the target of P&S for many reasons. As one of the missions of the company is to promote growth by creating sustainable added value chains in LATAM, specially in the Pacific Alliance (Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile). These markets have a potential to become competitive with this kind of products and must not keep the commercialization of raw material to keep up in economic expansion.


Intermediate goods are commodities with some added value such as Cocoa turned into chocolate nips that are used for the preparation of chocolate bars. Being products that need raw material but still need a company to process it, these companies are a good place for P&S to focus in the short and middle term from its foundation.