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  • Hada Group – Beauty and Personal Care
  • Kahai – Skin Care Ingredients
  • Gestam – Environmental Services
  • Cosméticos Trujillo – Beauty & Personal Care
  • EDEMSA – Energy Infraestructure

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  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Snacks
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Environmental Services
  • Retailing
  • Branding
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Our Story

P&S international started as a project in 2017 to facilitate the export of small producers of Colombian Avocado without intermediaries. Aiming for a “Fair and Sustainable Commerce”. Our slogan was “fair trade is synonymous of sustainability”. 

After participating in 2 international fairs in Berlin, Fruit Logistica 2018 – 2019, we understood that developing countries need to export more value to be internationally competitive, and so P&S International arrived, a company focused on optimizing value chains by integrating actors that share mutual capacity and aspirational goals with data analysis and business intelligence.

We are a company that seeks to promote 3 main pillars: integration, sustainability and added value

What we do?

P&S (Products and Services) International creates added value chains in different sectors as it integrates them into a global network by connecting partners, adding value one to another while being sustainable.

P&S gives value from sourcing processes to the commercial operation of a company by evaluating tendencies, claims and innovation of products and services in multiple industries.

Finding the right partner to do business with is not an easy task but it is crucial to any company. We will help to create and maintain relations based on factors such as capacity, supply, demand, market trends and culture.

How we do it?

With more than seven data bases for international cualitative and cuantitative analysis, our first interest is to adapt your business model and capacity to international supply and demand of your product portfolio. Afterwards, filter, prioritization and segmentation will be our input. Finding the right place to offer your portfolio is our garantee of fullfilling our purpose. Finding suppliers that complement our strategy is more of an added value to our End to End solutions.

With our target ready is time for pricing and distribution strategies, where your team and ours will structure the best way to approach new clients abroad and aquire new P&S to make it all happen.

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  • Is your Business Development extension
  • Is the key to our success
  • Is constantly adding value to your goals
  • Transforms data to information
  • Makes each experience unique
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