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  • Hada Group – Beauty and Personal Care
  • Kahai – Skin Care Ingredients
  • Gestam – Environmental Services
  • Cosméticos Trujillo – Beauty & Personal Care
  • EDEMSA – Energy Infraestructure

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  • Beauty and Personal Care
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Our Story

P&S International started as a project in 2017 to facilitate the export of small producers of Colombian Avocado without intermediaries. Aiming for a “Fair and Sustainable Commerce”. Our slogan was “fair trade is synonymous of sustainability”. 

After participating in 2 international fairs in Berlin, Fruit Logistica 2018 – 2019 and promoting Latinamerican natural products, we understood that developing countries need to export more value to be internationally competitive, and so P&S International arrived, a company focused on optimizing value chains by integrating actors that share mutual capacity and aspirational goals. Our differentiation with data analysis and business intelligence.

In 2022 we expanded to Europe, basing our company in the Netherlands, a place of international interaction and international commerce also known as the food valley where companies are taking food technology to a new level.

Since then we have been committed to be known as a company that seeks to promote 3 main pillars: integration, sustainability and added value in products and services that contribute to global health and wellness.

What we do?

At P&S International, our primary focus is on the health and wellness sector. We specialize in creating value chains with natural ingredients and products, integrating them into a global network, and nurturing sustainable partnerships that have a positive impact on society.

Our key services encompass high-quality natural ingredient and product sourcing, including assistance in finding contract manufacturers for personalized product development, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your business needs. Additionally, we excel in brand positioning, product and process enhancement for market entry, in the identification of essential clients for business expansion, company growth and incorporation, as well as the selection and development of new distribution channels for emerging markets. Our objective is to develop products and services that fulfill our commitment to “connecting mind and body,” all while making a meaningful impact on global socioeconomic conditions.

How we do it?

We drive business growth at P&S by conducting in-depth analyses of industry trends, consumer demands, pricing strategies, and supply solutions to provide you with a competitive edge for your products and services. We connect stakeholders and provide value to all parties involved for the creation of long-term partnerships.

Finding the right business partner can be a challenging endeavor, yet it’s indispensable for any company’s success. We excel at helping you establish and nurture relationships based on factors such as capacity, supply, demand, market dynamics, and cultural alignment.”

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